Life can be hard, and sometimes we need something to intervene to help change the course. More than 145,000 students have graduated from the National Guard Youth Challenge Program. That’s why we believe BBYCA may be the answer to your current struggles.

For Parents

You may feel hopeless about your child’s future but don’t know if there is anything available that will actually make a difference. That’s where Battle Born Youth Challenge Academy comes in. Our program leads, trains, and mentors high school drop-outs through unique, military-inspired youth development methods that instill necessary skills and values to help them become productive citizens.

For Youth

You probably know you’re not on the right path but don’t know how to turn it around. The BBYCA experience teaches solid life skills, reinforcing them step by step with ongoing mentorship support. By graduation, you’re ready to be and do everything you were meant to be and do.

Impressive Statistics

Youth Challenge is unmatched in its effectiveness in helping youth prepare for the future. Challenge fosters ambition, instills self-confidence, and increases opportunities through service to the community, job skills training, and leadership. It empowers participants to embrace achievement, responsibility, and positive behavior.

A multi-year study by MDRC (Manpower Demenstration Research Corporation) found that program participants achieve impressive results in employability and educational attainment. Key findings of that study include the following statistics:

  • GED or high school diploma attainment increased by 29%.
  • College attendance increased by 86%.
  • Annual earnings increased by 20%.