Apply to Battle Born Youth ChalleNGe Academy

Applying to the Youth ChalleNGe Academy is the first step towards making positive changes.


Admission to BBYCA is selective—this is a second-chance program for Nevada teens who are determined to change the path they are currently traveling. The admissions panel bases its decision on a holistic review of the entire application packet and the applicant’s likelihood of completing the 17.5-month commitment. This is not a first-come, first-served program or a program for students who wish to graduate early.

Applicants must be:

  • 16–18 years of age on the first day of the class;
  • free from any felony charges or adjudications;
  • a U.S. citizen and resident of Nevada;
  • at risk of not completing high school with their peer group;
  • eligible to enroll in high school courses (must have completed 8th grade); and
  • voluntarily applying for admission to BBYCA.

Step One: Attend a Presentation

Attend a program presentation in your area. Attendance is mandatory for both the youth applicant and at least one guardian. During the presentation, you will learn about the program, the expectations, and the application process. You will also meet with an admissions specialist who can answer your questions and guide you through the application process.

Step Two: Complete Application Packet

Download and complete the Youth Application packet. Do not leave any questions blank. 

  • Submit Part 1 of the application (sections A–L) together with a copy of the applicant’s
    • Social security card
    • State ID card (temporary paper copy accepted)
    • U.S. birth certificate or INS Proof of Permanent Residency card (I-551)
    • High school transcript - Students attending ECSD schools may request your transcript online for direct delivery to:
      Battle Born Youth ChalleNGeAcademy
      PO Box 700
      Carlin, NV. 89822
  • Unless otherwise noted, all forms should be filled out legibly by the youth applicant and then signed and dated by both the youth and parent/guardian where indicated.
  • Make a copy of every item you mail for your records. Submit the forms to your admissions specialist in person, via mail, or email.
  • After submitting Part 1, get started on Part 2 of the application (medical portion).
  • The BBYCA admissions staff will review your initial application (Part 1) and contact you to schedule an interview and to request any missing forms.
  • Following your interview and application review, the admissions staff will make one of the following determinations: declined, deferred, or you will be asked to proceed to the next level.
  • Applicants invited to the next level must complete Part 2 of the Youth Application to ensure physical and mental soundness.
  • Once Part 2 is submitted, the application packet is reviewed by the Admissions Panel.
  • Applicants recommended for pre-acceptance proceed to step three.

Step Three: Orientation

Attend a mandatory orientation with at least one parent/guardian. The orientation will be scheduled before the class start date. During the orientation, youth should be prepared to do the following:

  • Participate in a personal interview with a BBYCA staff member. We may request you to complete additional paperwork at this time. 
  • Participate in a brief “Cadet Life” experience supervised by BBYCA cadre staff.
  • Review and complete any incomplete forms.

Upon completing all of the steps above and submitting any additional documentation, applicants will receive a letter indicating one of the following determinations: conditional acceptance, deferral, or nonacceptance letter. Applicants will receive their determination letter at least four weeks before the program start date. Applicants receiving a conditional acceptance letter must complete step four.

Step Four: Complete the Mentor Application

Download and print the Mentor Application. Promptly provide the personal reference forms to your mentors to ensure they have adequate time to complete and return the form to the applicant or directly to BBYCA.

Final Acceptance

Upon receipt and review of all materials, the BBYCA will notify the applicant that he/she has been declined, deferred, or accepted. 

If accepted, you must accept or decline your offer of admission. After submitting your acceptance, you will receive a short packing list and details regarding when and where to report.